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Setting up a Conference Call is Easier than....

Until you have set up a conference call, it can seem a little “complicated” or “challenging.” Not as complicated as getting four boyfriends or spouses out of the way for an evening, but then, what is? Let’s compare setting up a conference call versus getting the girls together to go see a good movie.

Pick a movie

First problem: define “good!” When was the last time you picked a movie in a few minutes?

In 2015, you have to decide whether you want to go modern lowbrow and laugh with “The Boy Next Door”, or ride off in a carriage and four with “Far From the Madding Crowd.” But two of you hate period pieces. Well, “Love and Mercy” or “Clouds of Sil Maria” might have a little more depth, but is depth really what you are looking for in a night out?

Setting up conference calls requires choosing what kind of call you are in the mood for too, but it’s just so darn much easier!

Free call or Courtesy 1-800 Number? Click.

That was fast. Even faster if you use Quick Scheduler to automatically fill in your attendees, organizer code, access code, subject, agenda and invitees from your last call.

In the time it would take you to read the reviews, you could have set up 5 conference calls. Aaargh! Stamp your foot here.

Oh well, if you have that sinking feeling you can’t find a movie everyone wants to watch, you can always get a six pack or two and watch Titanic again...

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 0

Choose the girls

Selecting participants for your movie night out is easier than picking a movie, and should take you about the same time as setting up attendees for a teleconference. You know with whom you want to be.

Using, you might have already selected your group with Quick Scheduler back in step one, or you can pull participants out of a drop down menu. Then you can add a personalized greeting. “Leave that sketchy excuse for a boyfriend at home, puh-leez.”

Joe from Engineering not needed at this meeting? Click.

A bonus with teleconferencing is that adding participants doesn’t cost anything. In fact, you can schedule a Premium conference call every month for up to 150 people with all the bells and whistles for less than the cost of one movie and popcorn!

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 1

Cross Town Traffic

Teleconferencing wins on getting to the show hands down, but it was an unfair fight. One of the key benefits of scheduling meetings by conference calls is that staff time to attend the call is reduced to zero. Everyone just picks up the phone at the designated time, and starts talking.

Call a cab? Wait for a bus? Hop in your wheels and drive around collecting everyone? Old school!

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 0

Add Popcorn

The best part of some movies is the sacred excuse to load up with popcorn, raspberry frozen yoghurt, and chocolate covered almonds.

Teleconferencing is no different. While you’re setting up your group call, you can load up with helpful options.

  • Desktop Sharing? Absolutely, we don’t just need to see the spreadsheets; we need to work on them together!
  • Call Record? Sure, we’ll turn the presentation part into a Podcast.
  • Personalized greetings? For this team? How could we not?

Almost too close to call here, but you can select a number of add-ons for a conference call in less time that it takes you to stand in line for movie treats. Especially if you count the time it will take to remove those treats from your hips later at the gym.

Teleconference, 1 Movie Night 1

Enjoy the Show!

Going to the movies is fun, no doubt. Even a bad movie is a good excuse to get together with the girls. Conference calls may not be quite as much sheer, emptylicious butter-fingered fun, but they are the cheapest possible way for any group to keep communication flowing and build team spirit.

They are also great at getting everyone to focus, and respecting everyone’s time. Conference calls keep meetings short and sweet, and that’s more than you can say for most movies—especially ones with Hobbits. Hobbits are a good four hours, and who has time for that?

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 0

Post an Instagram

OK: the movie’s over, you’re going out for drinks, and part of the fun is snapping some social media to let the world know all about it.

Conference calls even have that covered too. With one lousy mouse click, you can transform your teleconference from a special moment into a permanent record by selecting Call Record during setup.

Within two hours (while you and the girls are still arguing the younger Leonardo DiCaprio versus the older Tom Hanks over those drinks) you’ll get an email with an MP3 of your virtual meeting, which you can mount on a website, text out as a convenient record, or even have transcribed.

Transcription of meetings is great for saving you time typing up meeting minutes, or collecting pieces for the newsletter.

Jeez, they’ve thought of everything!

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 0

It’s Not Fair...

No, it isn’t, but neither is the price of a soft drink at a movie theatre. Teleconferencing wins our oh-so-scientific “arm wrestle” 6-2.

Setting up a conference call really is faster than organizing movie night with the girls. Choosing whether to go Free or Premium, who’s attending, what features you want, and then sending out the invitations takes less time than standing in line for popcorn.

Now if we could only get the boss to invite Zac Efron to the next staff meeting...

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