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Schedule your next call with the FreeConference Outlook Add-In

The new FreeConference Outlook Add-In conveniently incorporates FreeConference into the Microsoft Outlook tools you already use. Easily schedule conference calls, send invitations, manage your preferences, review account information, and create recurring conferences using your existing contacts and meeting management tools. It does everything but dial.
Features & Benefits:
  • Version 3.0 adds support for 64-bit versions of Outlook.
  • Embeds conference information into your Outlook meeting invitation for automatic forwarding once meeting is scheduled.
  • Meeting subject and dial-in number pre-populated into email header for easy access.
  • Toggle between Premium (Toll-Free) and Standard (Toll) dial-in numbers.
  • Integrated with your existing Outlook contact database.
  • Allows you to check availability of participants while scheduling (if enabled within Outlook).
  • Allows full recurring meeting scheduling and unlimited future scheduling.
  • Automatically adds scheduled meeting and information into all participants' Outlook calendar for easy access from desktop or synced smart phone.

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