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Quick User Guide For FreeConference

NOTE: These step-by-steps are for FreeConference Legacy product.

Just three steps to get started right away on FreeConference.

1. View the introductory Flash movie, which briefly explains FreeConference's conference call services.
2. View the "Our Services" page for a side-by-side cost and feature comparison of our conference call services. Our Services Page
3. After deciding on a service, set up and conduct a test conference to practice using the Organizer Conference Controls. (For Web-Scheduled conferences, you must first create a user account -- sign up now.) FreeConference allows you to organize Reservationless Conference or Sign Up for Web-Scheduled Services. The following steps are for making the most of your conferencing experience.

4. Read the information page for each conference service.
Web-Scheduled Premium 800 Page
Web-Scheduled Standard Page
Reservationless Standard Page
Conference Recording & Storage
Desktop Sharing Page
Your Conference Personalized Greetings
5. Read the Help section containing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Help/FAQ Page
6. Read the Glossary of Terms to acquaint you with conference call lingo. Glossary of Terms Page
7. Visit the Tools and Tips page for a touch-tone wallet card, conference fax cover sheet, and more. Tools and Tips Page

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