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Questions Small Business Managers Ask When Closing Conference Call Service Providers

Communication is instrumental to success in any setting, especially in business. As technology grows, conference call services are no longer considered a luxury but a requirement. Companies frequently plan their day-to-day operations around their conference call service providers. So how do you choose among all communication solutions, what are the specifics small businesses are looking for? In this post we explore the questions in our experience with business managers looking to make conference calls.

Conference Call Service Providers Office discussion

How flexible is the product?

Small business operations have a wide range of demands, and the conference call service provider would need the features to accommodate that. Video conferencing, reservation-less conferences, and screen-sharing are just a few of the long list of features that small business might need. The conference solution should also be prepared to satisfy new requirements as the small business continues to grow.

Does the service accommodate international calling?

Business expansion, remote colleagues, overseas clients, there are countless factors why conference call solutions must provide international coverage. There are different ways a conference provider accommodates international callers: international dial-ins, VoIP, toll-free lines, but the quality of the service must be consistent.


How good is the quality? Does the service have a strong reputation?

Audio quality can make or break the conference call, therefore the prospective conference call service provider must have a track record of providing good audio quality on its lines. Past experience can also help small businesses with support and product awareness. As an unrelated plug, maybe check out FreeConference’s rating on Trustpilot and G2Crowd?

Can the conference call service be customized to my business needs?

In the same boat with product flexibility, customization options are important for small businesses making calls outside of team meetings. Having customization options such as phone prompts and unique online meeting rooms give a professional impression to the customer. Other customization options could be important too. User management, billing, dedicated dial-ins, are all useful tools that can serve well for small businesses.

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