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Why Screensharing is the Perfect Non Profit App

While cost management is important to all organizations, it is essential to the mission of those which work for causes rather than profits. For this reason, nonprofits of all sizes utilize a variety of tools that allow their staff to collaborate effectively and on a tight budget. Not surprisingly, many such groups depend on services such as FreeConference to allow their members to hold virtual meetings via phone or internet. With features such as web conferencing and screen sharing, is the perfect non profit app that contains everything that a non profit would need.

Here's why's screensharing makes it the perfect non profit app:

women uses as perfect non profit app on her tablet

It Saves on Travel Expenses

For nonprofit organizations that serve communities in different areas of a city, state, or country, holding regular meetings between staff in these locations is integral for maintaining cohesion while working towards a shared objective. While such meetings often require nonprofit staff to spend time and money traveling to convene, virtual conferencing technology allows nonprofit organizations to save on travelling expenses by holding meetings via phone or web at little to no cost to the organization. Not bad, eh?

It Facilitates Real-Time Communication

While email threads, group text messaging, and good ol’ fashion one-on-one phone calls all have their advantages, live virtual meetings between parties in different locations can streamline communication within organizations. With features that allow participants to talk, video, share screens, and even upload documents for discussion in real time, virtual conferencing services promote increased productivity and collaboration.

woman smiling at her laptop while using for screensharing

The Screensharing App is Perfect for Presentations

For many nonprofits, presentations play an important part of internal communication as well as external outreach. Whether discussing upcoming projects with team members or spreading awareness through community outreach, screen sharing makes it easy to hold presentations online as well as in front of a live audience.

No Downloads Necessary

While some online conferencing and screen sharing apps do require extensive software downloads in order to use, others, like FreeConference, are browser-based, making it easy to host and access online meetings.

It Can Be Done for Free

Last but certainly not least, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and screen sharing can all be done at absolutely no cost! This means more money for your organization to spend on what really matters! Meeting Checklist Banner

Still not convinced? Create a free account and give free screensharing a try!

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