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Chugga, chugga, chugga... it’s like The Little Engine That Could.*, about which many in the industry have their doubts, came through once again with growth at or better than the rest of the industry.  For the second quarter, reported year-over-year growth of 94% and sequential growth of 7%, when measured in terms of conference call minutes.  That compares to results I reported in last week’s Electronic TeleSpan (ET, August 16, 2004) from Raindance, which reported year-over-year growth of 25% but negative 1.5% growth sequentially, Premiere, which reported year-over-year growth of 36% and sequential growth of 8.6%, Genesys, which reported 6.4% year-over-year growth, and eked out 0.3% sequential growth (ET, August 16, 2004 ), and as I report elsewhere in today’s Electronic TeleSpan, ACT, which announced year-overyear growth of 17% and sequential growth of 3%.

For the second quarter, reported just over 64 million minutes, or just over 1% of the global market as a whole.  Toll-free 800 minutes, which generate $.10 a minute, made up just over 2% of’s minutes for the quarter.

Call recording now available, playback over the phone announced that it has added a digital recording option for customers, allowing them to record their toll-free 800 calls for $10, and then distribute the recording as an MP3 file to an unlimited number of folks for free for up to 10 days, other than the cost of the POTS call.  Customers can pay to have that 10-day limit extended.  The calls in for the recorded call are password protected.

For the last financial story on see ET, May 3, 2004 p. 1.

* The wonderful children’s book by Watty Piper, George Hauman, and Doris Hauman.  The kids used to read it to me all the time!


Reprinted from the August 30, 2004 issue of Elliot Gold's Electronic TeleSpan, with permission.

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