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New Updates to the User Interface

Send your participants your access code and have them instantly join your conference

new online conference call user interfaceEliminate long confusing URLs and have participants easily join your conference by entering your access code

Join a meeting right from your dashboard with the new user interface online meeting room dashboard user interface

You can now enter an access code from your dashboard to jump into a conference without logging out of your own account. Just type in your access code and click Join conference.

Easily view today’s upcoming conference calls from the dashboard

Not sure what you have planned for today? Your dashboard now shows you all of your upcoming meetings for the day, and when they will occur. Never miss a meeting again!

Choose how to connect when entering an online meeting room in-conference online meeting room user interface screen

When joining an online meeting, you now have the option of clicking View only to enter the room without audio, which can come in handy for presentations.

Entering an online meeting room using an access code is easier than ever -- NO SIGNUPS REQUIRED!

Log in now to see the changes for yourself! You’ll be glad that you did.

For additional info, please see our FAQ article on our support page. Meeting Checklist Banner

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