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Mobile App Update with FREE features!!!

What's New:

Not only did we update the typical bug fixes and add IOS 10 support (for iTunes) but we wanted to give you a little more...

Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing on Android (coming soon for iPhone):

Bring the power of face-to-face to all your conference calls! Live video conferencing has never been easier or more convenient.

Call SchedulingImproved Call Scheduling:

You now have the option to automatically record & select international dial-in numbers when scheduling a call. The timezone selection feature has also been added to the call scheduling page! By using this feature, you can easily find the perfect time to meet with callers around the world!

Address BookAddress Book Update:

The new address book allows you to import contacts right from your mobile phone from a variety of places. You can also add & remove contacts and categorize them into groups

Plus even more...

  • View past recordings on the recording page
  • PIN-less Entry & SMS setting update
  • Improve Call Page


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