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Invitations and Reminders Made Easy

Cell phone conference calls


Getting an accurate head count for any event is tricky. Anyone whose been left waiting on wedding RSVPs knows this pain intimately. There are those guests who swear they’re coming but neglect to show up; those who send their regrets then arrive with a guest; and, perhaps worst of all, the flip floppers who give you nothing but a “Maybe” followed by a sudden “No” the day before the event. While there isn’t much to be done about wayward party guests, FreeConference can help you keep track of the business associates, colleagues and clients you want on your next conference call.

With FreeConference  Invitations feature you can instantly send invites to everyone you want involved. When you finish scheduling your upcoming conference call, FreeConference's Invitations feature kicks in. FreeConference  automatically sends invites to all selected participants detailing the time, date and proposed agenda of the call.

Not only does this invite inform your colleagues or clients of your approaching call, it also gives them the option to confirm their attendance. Invite recipients are given the option of selecting “Attending”, “Maybe Attending”, or “Not Attending” at the bottom of each invite. Once your guests have made their selections, you will receive a notification via email, so you’ll have a realistic idea of how many people will be joining you on the call.

FreeConference’s Invitations feature is automatic, instantaneous and beyond useful. Schedule a call with FreeConference today and discover the ease and convenience of the most reliable RSVP system around.


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