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Introducing: The New and Improved Address Book

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Innovation is forged from collaboration and collaboration depends on continued contact and communication. Any business owner worth his or her salt will tell you an entrepreneur is only as good as his/her ability to network. The exchange of business cards or the swapping of email addresses could very well be the beginning of a beautiful – and lucrative – friendship. Having updated information on your clients, investors, and employees is vital to establishing a clear line of communication for your business. makes it easy to communicate with all your important contacts with the new and improved Address Book.

Already have a pre-existing address book? Bet you don’t want to suffer the pain of uploading each contact one by one. Not to worry! You don’t have to!’s new Address Book allows you to upload contacts in bulk as well as individually. And once you’ve uploaded everyone into the Address Book, you can channel your inner neat freak and organize your contacts into call-specific groups. Not only does this save you the embarrassment of confusing Jim in accounting with Jim in HR, it also makes scheduling calls a heck of a lot easier.

To transfer your contacts to’s Address Book simply visit either the call scheduling page or settings page. If you would like to edit, delete or create a group, consult the settings page as well. Adding contacts to a group is simple. With one click you can add a participant from your Address Book to the appropriate group.  Once your groups are organized to your liking, you can schedule a call for a specific group in no time flat.

So, what are you waiting for? Upload all your important contacts to’s new Address Book and open the lines of communication to invest in your connections today.

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