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How To Upgrade Your FreeConference Account

How To Upgrade & Downgrade Your Account

The free plan, with its array of international dial-ins, 100 caller limit, and unlimited conferencing minutes is sure to fill most of your needs -- but what if you need more? As your family or business starts to grow, you will need additional services to meet the new demand.

Either way, don’t sweat it. We got you covered. Our three plans provide the ultimate packages to fulfill any set of needs from the occasional long distance call, to the weekly international meetings with clients.

But there’s no question about it. Want to be professional? Go Pro.

Upgrading For The First Time

  1. Login: login to your account on, and click the ‘Upgrade’ tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Choose Your Plan: see which plan works for you. To directly compare the packages, click ‘Compare Plans’ under any of the three plans. Then press ‘Buy’ under the plan which best suits all your needs
  3. Payment: we didn’t want to complicate this step. Just enter your billing information and select ‘Complete purchase’. That’s it.
  4. Continue to Your Account: You’re done! Start conferencing immediately with access to premium dial-in numbers, call recordings, and premium international minutes.

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