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How to Stay on Top of Your Meetings and Conference Calls

Your schedule is packed. You couldn’t be busier if you tried. Juggling priorities is challenging for even the most experienced businessperson; worse yet when there’s more on your plate than you can tackle successfully in a timely manner.

Conference calling can be a big time saver; that is, if done correctly. All too often the process becomes a jumble of searching for the right dial-in number or miss entering access codes. That’s where Meeting Mogul can help: Meeting Mogul keeps all your dial-in information together in one convenient app, so you’ll never again have to fumble around for your conference details.

How Does It Work?

How exactly does Meeting Mogul work? Once you input your personal caller information, Meeting Mogul automatically syncs calls with meetings, integrating everything seamlessly into your calendar. The app also coordinates note sharing among participants and reminds you when your call is about to begin. Meeting Mogul even lets you notify call participants if you’re running late for the conference!

But Meeting Mogul’s usefulness doesn’t end when the conference is over: Your call summary and all related emails are immediately within your reach, ready to share with others or log for your records.

Sure, conference calling is a time saver. Use Meeting Mogul to conference efficiently and hassle-free, and keep your meetings running smoothly time and time again.

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