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How To Schedule A Meeting With FreeConference

Close up view of smiling woman as speaker and 5 thumbnails of other speakers in Gallery ViewIf you’re wondering how to make a meeting using a video conferencing platform, just know that as a simple rule of thumb, it should be straightforward, simple and only require a few clicks! Anything more isn’t worth your time, energy and effort. Choose a video conferencing platform like to not just help you schedule a meeting but to take it beyond what a normal audio video solution can do – for free!

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Side view of opened laptop on desk with browser open, displaying Gallery ViewWhether you’re looking to schedule recurring meetings or host a one off, you can do either with ease. Perfect for your quick routine sales meetings, monthly status updates, biweekly management conferences or in-depth training sessions held annually, you can click to create one meeting or select “set to repeat” for as many times as you’d like. keeps you organized with a Dashboard that has everything you need to host or join an online meeting. Upfront, there are two options: 1) Start a Meeting and 2) Schedule a Meeting. From there, you have quick access to your Dial-in Information, Settings, Today’s Meetings (View Upcoming), Join By Access Code and More.


Start A Meeting

Try a Reservationless Call when something important comes up and you need to have an online meeting right now. You don’t have to set it up in advance. All you have to do is share your conference details found in your welcome email, dashboard or online meeting room. Simply copy, paste and share with participants via email or text message and you can get your meeting underway – pronto!

Schedule A Meeting

If you are looking to schedule ahead of time, it’s no sweat! The Call Scheduling feature allows you to click the Schedule button once you’re in your account to get it set up. Select the date and time, include a subject and agenda and you’re done! Want it to be a recurring call? There’s a button for that!

Pro-tip: Here’s how to make a meeting even more convenient. Keep your Address Book updated with all your contacts and their latest information. Why? When you’re setting up the meeting, you’ll receive a prompt asking you to select your contacts (participants who you’re reaching out to). You can type them in manually, or you can save yourself minutes by just selecting and adding them from your Address Book. Clicked someone by accident? It’s easy to remove them, just click Remove right beside their info.

The Address Book makes adding in contacts convenient and pain free. Plus, you can save specific groups without having to manually select individuals for easy meeting setup that doesn’t waste time. After your call is scheduled, invitations are set up and sent out automatically. They also receive a reminder 15 minutes before the meeting starts so they can be better prepared and not have to rely on their memory!

To Record Or Not To Record?

Depending on the nature of your online meeting, you might want to Record it for training purposes or for those who couldn't show up. Recording is perhaps the biggest perk of online meetings. As an upgraded feature, the Record button can be found in your Conference Settings where you can hit the button and start recording automatically once the meeting begins. Perfect for those who are unable to attend, recording your meeting works well for training, education and very important syncs.

Beauty shot of tablet with Gallery View and mobile displaying Speaker View with picture-in-pictureUse the Invites and Reminders feature to automate upcoming events. An invite is sent out the moment an event is created, but by using the reminders feature, you can gently prompt participants for better attendance. Try SMS Notifications too if you need an urgent meeting now or later. This feature gives you straightforward access to setting up a meeting from your mobile device and fires off SMS messages to participants.

Find Your Meeting

All your past and upcoming meetings are conveniently located on your dashboard for quick viewing. Your upcoming calls and conferences are listed. Need to add a participant? Adjust the start time? This is where you can make quick edits and modify a meeting.

Also, your past calls and conferences are listed too. This is where you can find your post-call summaries plus your links to your call recordings. With, finding your meeting is easy to navigate!

Optional Features comes with optional features that heighten your conference calling experience. Try these recommended additional features:

Call Recording – Record your calls to conveniently record now and watch later; It’s extra handy for people who can’t attend or for training purposes.
Custom Hold Music – Indicate to participants that they’re in the right location for their meeting by playing from a selection of music or providing your own clip or message to be played while waiting for the meeting to go live.
Live Stream to YouTube – Reach more people and broaden your audience by streaming your meeting publicly or privately. It’s simple with a click and a YouTube url.
And more!

Let take out the hassle of planning, joining and hosting online meetings. Suitable for a variety of industries and uses,’s easy-to-use platform doesn’t require a contract, extra equipment or complicated set up. You can have as many meetings as you want, or simply just have one – for free! Learn more and sign up today!

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