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How Life Coaches Use Web Meetings to Mentor 

Everybody needs a spiritual “lift” now and then—whether you are unsatisfied with your relationships, your career, or your overall happiness and well-being, life coaches can assist you through the more difficult, uneasy times. Although it is important not to confuse life coaches with therapists or psychologists, life coaches can help you find a more significant purpose in life and motivate you using your unique traits and identity.

When we lose sight of what really matters to us, we become disillusioned with life—life coaches can help us get back on track by helping us practice mindfulness, positive reinforcement, and taking control of our destinies.

The first step in life coaching comes from the client reaching out to the coach, but progress is gauged by the coach-client rapport and how effective their mentorship sessions go. Coaches must stay up-to-date on the client’s wellness and must ensure that they are reaching their goals, both on their own terms and with the coach’s help. That is where can help—with intuitive web meeting features and free video calling, keeps clients and coaches as close as possible.

Schedule Video Calls from Anywhere

Life coaches, of course, have their own lives too—they may need to take a leave of absence for personal rest, professional growth, or various other things that come up in life. No matter what happens, a coach still has a duty to their client, and having a free video calling service helps maintain a solid rapport no matter where clients or coaches might be.

Depending on the person’s emotional and spiritual state, a coach may need to stay in touch from afar more often than not. Thankfully, setting up a web meeting has never been easier with—our easy-to-use call scheduler allows users to send out email reminders to other users with a direct link to’s browser software. Whether you’re using a computer, phone or tablet, you’ll never miss a meeting again!

The Importance of Emotional Support

The role of a life coach is, for the most part, to bridge the gap between the client and the goals they are trying to reach. These goals can vary from relationship goals to career goals and spiritual growth, but no matter what a client wishes to do, the coach must be there to support them emotionally and spiritually.

Free video calling helps shorten the distance between client and coach in more ways than one—video capabilities not only allow callers to see each other, but for the purpose of mentoring and encouraging, this engagement is far more effective than simply talking over voice calling. Seeing the coach in person allows the client to be more receptive to advice, encouragement, and makes it easier for both parties to schedule meetings.

No matter how great the distance between a client and life coach is, is here to help. With no software downloads, subscriptions, or fees, video calling and scheduling web meetings have never been easier.



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