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How Free Video Conferencing Helps Urban Designers

As a discipline, urban design is both very broad and very particular. It encompasses architecture, engineering, geography, social studies, and geopolitics, and is utilized to organize and optimize public spaces. Whereas architecture is focused on the individualities of buildings, urban design takes a more holistic approach—the design of buildings, the functions of city infrastructure, and the use of natural resources must all be in harmony for a well-designed infrastructure to flourish.

Architecture and infrastructure projects often require input and collaboration between designers around the globe, especially guidance from countries with innovative infrastructures and city planning. Video conferencing can help narrow the distance between architects, engineers, and urban planners to allow for a more collaborative process of optimizing the flow of people and resources throughout cities. As the world grows increasingly populated, cities and professionals must account for this in their design philosophies, and is here to help. Free video conferencing brings the world closer for more natural, real-time collaboration.



Exchanging ideas made easier

One of the defining features of the globalizing world is how easily information and concepts can be shared. For urban designers, this is a crucial part of the job. Cities in countries like Germany, Japan, and Singapore are well ahead of the curve when it comes to metropolitan planning, and their influence can be felt, either directly or indirectly, in the infrastructure of other cities around the world. Because these places are experiencing exponential population growth (Singapore, in particular), urban designers and urban planners are consistently focusing on innovative planning projects to accommodate the growing numbers. Since necessity is the mother of invention, design concepts and philosophies inspire other changes elsewhere in the world.

Video conferencing can bring professionals of all disciplines closer together to take part in designing a more sustainable future for cities, and more comfortable, accessible infrastructure for their citizens. After all, we've only got one planet with only so many resources—it is up to trusted design professionals to make the most of our space and resources.

Share designs and other information

In the process of designing buildings, transit systems, and resource management systems, there is a constant stream of documents sent back and forth. Keeping track of all of these sketches, charts, and schematics can be difficult and overwhelming, but it is nonetheless part of the process—that is why offers a handy screen-sharing service, so that you can collaborate with parties in a video conference call in real time, without the hassle of downloads and other applications.

This is especially useful for guiding engineers and other designers through any schematics and plans. Since these plans have very specific measurements and industry-specific jargon, it is always helpful to be able to explain these in real-time to avoid confusion and clarify any matters.

Video conferencing saves travel time, travel costs, and allows for a more natural form of communication than simply collaborating on documents or exchanging emails. There are too many innovations in urban design to miss out on by having an ineffective platform of communication—don't get lost in the bustle of design trends and innovations!

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