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Grow Your Business with Free Teleconferencing

Conference Calls Cut Travel Costs

Why are people trying to cut their travel costs the hard way?

A conference call can be set up for free, and a whole year's worth of deluxe teleconferencing features like desktop sharing and courtesy international long distance will cost you less than one business trip.

Cutting travel costs isn't the only advantage of teleconferencing. Grow your business with conference calls by keeping customer relationships warm, and snapping up opportunities that you couldn't afford to fly to.

Two ways Conference Calls save cash and boost profit

#1 Eliminate travel expenses

Whether you can avoid driving across town and absorbing the cost of lunch, or flying across the continent, conference calls are the best way to cut travel costs.

Travel Staff Time. Don't forget about the cost of staff time. If you are paying $30 an hour, your overhead and true cost is likely closer to $60 an hour. Even a 6-person project management or sales team travelling 1 hour each to and from a site meeting is:

6 people x $60 per hr. x 2 hrs. each = $720.

People often underestimate unproductive staff costs, or just shrug their shoulders and say, "That's the cost of doing business". It doesn't have to be a cost that drags down your business! Calculate your staff travel costs and compare them to a better alternative,the conference call.

Travel Expenses. Most managers can see how expensive hard travel costs are; thousands of dollars for air fare, hotels, per diems, cabs and mileage. Instead of trying to chisel off a few dollars here and there by booking cheaper hotels, or scrabbling around the Internet for flight deals, why not save the whole trip and invest that money to grow your business?

#2 Cash in on opportunities

Cutting travel costs with free teleconferencing is just the beginning. Putting cash in your pocket with teleconferencing is good, but using it to increase your annual profits is better.

Your bottom line is built on maintaining great connections between you, your customers, and your remote teams. Although emails and instant messages are good at keeping people in touch and moving information around, they are inefficient and ineffective at decision-making and team building.

Don't let budget constraints cancel important meetings!

Team building is critically important, but corporate travel budgets are always limited. What to do?

It won't save you money to ignore the personal touch,

but you don't need to maintain it with an airplane.

A telephone gives you 90% of the personal connection value at 10% of the cost.

A better bottom line

Stop trying to "nickel and dime" airfares and hotel rooms, and start using conference calls to cut travel costs the easy way, by reducing wasted staff time and eliminating travel costs. Increase the productive team and client meetings you have, and use the ease and low cost of conference calls to rescue lost opportunities. Grow your business with teleconferencing by keeping connections warm, and explore every opportunity to build your bottom line by expanding markets, retaining customers, and boosting sales.

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