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Taking Web Meetings From Connections to Corporations

It's Sunday afternoon, and a group of friends log on to their routinely scheduled online web meeting. They meet once a week to chat about life; sometimes about work; they get talkative when chatting with familiar faces seldom seen.

These friends had gone their separate ways - one went into finance, another to programming, and a few went to VC, hoping to find the next big thing. It was Sunday afternoon; it was a routine online web meeting; but this time, something felt different.

Making Connections

Shaking Hands

All It Takes Is One Meeting 

They’ve always loved talking on Sundays. This day was different. After talking about life and work, the group started to exchange ideas.

The programmer brought up something new and exciting, a proposal that many businesses would love to have.

Their friends confirmed it - the new discovery hasn’t been getting too much attention, but it’s only a matter of time before it goes mainstream. The financial analyst says that the project is hypothetically feasible. This, of course, is only talk. Until they decide to go through with it.

Unbeknownst to them, their Sunday ritual had become the beginning of a new venture. The college boys transitioned from disconnected peers to business partners, through the use of an online platform that connected their ideas, hopes and ambitions. This is the power of virtual connection.

Harnessing The Power of Connection

Communication is key to forming new, successful business ideas. The root of a new business plan requires observation: finding new niches, finding cheaper versions of existing products, or applying something to a new discipline. These details need to be shared with your team.

Some businesses come from problem-solving, where the solution lies near the issue. Timing is important for new businesses, who are looking to stay ahead of the curve, or ride the wave in certain industries. Again, discussion is essential in these situations.

All of these tenets of successful new businesses require communication. They can be easily supported by the virtual meeting room platform, which allows for multiple voices, pairs of eyes, ideas and dreams to come together as one cohesive plan, in real-time.

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