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Small Business Technology MagazineWe are proud to say that is a recipient of the 2006 Product of the Year Award by Small Business Technology Magazine and their publisher, the Small Business Technology Institute (SBTI).  SBTI is a non-profit organization based in San Jose, California that is dedicated to fostering technology education and adoption among small businesses through low-cost training, free consulting, events, scholarships, publishing and market intelligence. The awards program is presented in partnership with the Small Business Technology Institute Labs.  The Product of the Year Awards & Buyers Guide is presented as a special issue in January by the SBTI.

The Small Business Technology Magazine Product of the Year entries are evaluated based on criteria such as:

  • Overall Fit
  • Functionality and Ease of Use
  • Quality and Breadth of Support
  • Potential Impact on the Bottom Line
  • Innovation

Candidates advance through several rounds of judging based on feedback from a panel of advisers comprised of analysts, instructors and a technical panel from the Small Business Technology Institute Labs.  In addition to the above criteria, they also consider direct feedback from small business owners, Small Business Technology Magazine readers and other industry experts.

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