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LOS ANGELES -- January 14, 2012 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --, a leading provider of conference calling solutions and technology, has developed a feature that allows users to digitally record a custom greeting for their conference calls. This latest innovation allows the conference organizer to record a Personalized Greeting to welcome participants to the conference by recording a message with the desired conferencing details, announcements, or branding.

The conference organizer can record a greeting directly into their computer microphone when scheduling the conference call. The custom greeting will play for the invited participants, welcoming them to the conversation. The administrator has the option to add a default Personalized Greeting to any and all of their conferences. The administrator can also select to record a one-time greeting for specific web-scheduled reservations. Personalized Greetings features include:

  • Change greeting as often as desired.
  • No limit to the length of a personalized greeting.
  • Record greeting easily with a computer microphone.
  • Option to record a one-time use greeting during the scheduling process.
  • Feature can be added to any plan for $1.99 a month or $6.99 for 6 months.

"Personalized Greetings evolves conference calling. Our development team is dedicated to upgrading our users’ experience with new enabling technologies. Personalized Greetings does just that. Our customers are highly imaginative and are always finding creative ways to use conference calling. We are very excited to see how and what they do. Personalized Greetings is the first of many new features we will be launching in the next three months.” – Jon Huntley, COO (

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