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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year With The Christmas Story Hotline

christmas familyThere’s something about the holiday season that brings people closer. From the moment November slips into December, and the holiday lights go up, there’s a sudden urge to do “Christmassy” things. Make eggnog, bake cookies, go shopping, wear red and green, watch nostalgic movies – you get the idea!

When it comes to traditions, every family’s got ‘em! Being together and in the moment is what it’s all about, whether you decorate a palm tree or Christmas tree, light a menorah or fly across the country to be with the ones you love.

It’s a chance to slow down and reflect; to sit down and actually get some face time. An opportunity to create new memories as the year comes to a close. It’s not often we get to spend prolonged amounts of time with our cherished ones, so why not make the most out of it? Who doesn’t like sipping on cocoa and exchanging gifts?

FreeConference.comchristmas family loves the holidays too, and has a gift to give to you and your family. This holiday season, is offering a Christmas Story Hotline, presenting a fun and festive collection of everyone’s favorite holiday stories including Twas The Night Before Christmas By Clement Clarke Moore; Winter Time by Robert Louis Stevenson; Chubby Snowman and The Funniest Face.


To get in on the fun all you have to do is call, it’s free from the U.S., Canada, and U.K.! From the U.S. dial 712-832-8555, from Canada dial 867-292-5957, and from the UK dial 0-333-113-0354. Turn up the volume and listen to the yuletide tales that have been carried down from generation to generation, delighting both children and grandparents alike!

Wherever you are, one thing is for certain. Traditions spent with the people you care about makes any and every holiday a special one. Add a little joy and merriment to the way you’ve always done Christmas by adding in the Christmas Story Hotline this holiday season.

christmas kids

“We wake up to’s Christmas Story Hotline every year on Christmas morning while we gather around the tree and open presents.”

“My family loves lounging on the couch after a big turkey dinner digesting and listening to our all-time favorite Christmas stories. It’s the perfect way to pass time after eating before we dig into the pumpkin pie!”

“It’s not Christmas unless we’re listening to’s Christmas Story Hotline with our grandkids. It reminds me of my childhood and when we used to gather around and listen to the radio.”

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