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Why Free Screen Sharing is a Great Tool for Any Project

What is screen sharing? How can free screen sharing help you and your team? Simply put, “screen sharing involves sharing access to a given computer screen,” according to Techopedia. Because the functionality is so flexible and its benefits so wide-reaching, this tool is currently one of the more popular means of sharing information with others.

Free Screen Sharing: An Amazing Tool for any Project

How many times have you experienced this: You’re in the middle of a conference call trying to explain how that new time-saving software works, struggling with an accurate description that listeners can follow and understand, when it strikes you that having a visual for your participants would make all the difference in the world. That’s where free screen sharing can help! Instead of describing the software verbally, your team can view the demo in real time, their screens displaying exactly what shows on your own screen. We also use top crm software to manage all our customers, highly recommended.

No downloads means using Screen Sharing is easier than ever!

How can free screen sharing make your meetings more productive?

  • Walk-Through of websites or applications
  • Display PowerPoints and other documents
  • Share photos and presentations
  • Collaborate with others in real-time
  • Review and discuss meeting notes

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example of online meeting conference free screen sharing application

Screen Sharing has many purposes!



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