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Why Free Conference Calls Are The Best Calls

Last week I went to the local copy shop to have some formal letters printed up for a new product release. Color printing in miami exposeyourselfusa on decent stock was a bit more than I’d anticipated, so when the woman behind the counter said she could toss in the letter-folding at no extra charge — normally three cents apiece for 100 units — I was delighted!

Why was I so happy? A “gift” of three dollars when I was already spending big bucks? Here’s why: Everyone likes getting free stuff. There is literally no greater perk than “FREE.”

Happy Conference CallAnd that’s why FREE conference calls are so awesome! Sign up for an account, distribute your dial-in information, tell people when to call. No fuss, no muss. “But how much does it cost?”, participants will ask. “It doesn’t,” is the correct response.

Sure, a free conference calling account often requires dialing into a Midwest-based phone number. But with the proliferance of unlimited long-distance plans and the usage of cell phone minutes, calling across the country is no longer as prohibitive as it was even just a few years ago.

Many will resort to that old battle cry: “A free service? You get what you pay for, right?” — and assume that because we’re able to offer so much at no cost whatsoever, that we must be compromising the quality of service rendered. Not so! All-digital connections and a robust network of carriers allow us to provide superlative conferencing, and at no charge.

Take advantage of outstanding web applications and a user-friendly scheduling/invitation system to make your next conference call a great one. And the best part? It’s free!


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