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Fostering Great Relationships With Freelancers


Artists, performers, artisans: the freefolk of the business world. How does one reach out to them?

In a business world tailored for large-level enterprises, it can be difficult to carve out a space in the ether for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Luckily, the World Wide Web has become a professional hub for potters, mural artists, textile artists, body painters, face painters, sculptors, performance artists, dancers, singers, and limitless freelance services, such as dog-walking or lawn-mowing. The problem is that these individuals and collectives don't always feature a Contact Us button. 

Keeping In Touch

Freelancers often use professional websites and social media platforms to aid them in their promotional efforts, but are often faced with the difficult task of finding ways to correspond with their clients in an efficient and equally professional manner.

The most obvious response to this demand has been a development of virtual conferencing software, that allows small business freelancers to communicate with their clients consistently and professionally.

 Project Puffin

FreeConference uses this software to stay in touch with our newest freelance partners, who have joined our team to bring you the Painted Puffin Series. We’ve asked a great crop of talented people to put their best brushstrokes forward to help us with a bit of spring cleaning: we are reinventing Dr. Frederic J Puff, our beloved FreeConference Mascot.

puffin holding a flag

Using our virtual conferencing software to connect with the various artists we’ve been collaborating with, we were able to build connections with the creative souls behind the masterpieces. Better yet, our relationship with the artists goes beyond a standard email thread. 

Priceless Experiences

We wanted to get a better look at the spaces in which the artists reside: not just their physical studios, but their mannerisms, the way they interact with people, and where their inspiration comes from. We were privileged enough to engage with these artists in personal ways, using FreeConference as part of our platform for connection. 

Poking around the memories in Eric Anderson’s mind was easier when we could interview him in New York from our rooms in Toronto, utilizing our remote conferencing software.

Seth's Creative Cavern

Keeping up with Rhya Tamausaukas’ wildest train of thought was simplified with the help of our platform’s Automatic Transcription feature.

Taking a virtual tour of world-renowned illustrator Seth’s creative space was almost instantaneous, using video sharing features that allowed us a private glimpse at his studio.

Building Connections

Fostering strong relationships with freelance workers is instrumental to harmonious collaboration. It’s incredibly difficult to work together when you aren’t thinking together, acting together, and making decisions together.

While we didn’t get to suggest much on the artistic front for this particular project, getting to know the artists and their stories were crucial parts in pulling together a project as a cohesive unit.

Interview Time: Toronto to New York City

You don’t have to work for anyone’s company to be a hard worker. You can run your own business; paint your days away; headhunt your own opportunities; make your own connections. FreeConference is just one of many avenues you have at your disposal to make first contact, ongoing relationships, and stronger connections overall.


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