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How to Explain Screen Sharing to your Grandparents

Screen sharing is a useful and versatile tool, but users that are not tech-savvy can find the notion confusing and even overwhelming, the purpose of this blog is to un-package the concept of screen sharing and hopefully help our friends utilize it better in the future. Here is how to explain screen sharing to your grandparents.

Well, What is it? Please explain screen sharing to me!

two laptops sharing pictures via free screen share on an online conference call

is this screen sharing?

Screen sharing is presenting your screen to others remotely, which means other people on the screen sharing session can see what you are doing on your screen. This is normally done on the computer, with a special program that allows you to share your screen with others on their devices.

Almost every screen sharing session is done in real-time, meaning if the person sharing the screen is moving the mouse, every other caller can see that mouse move, if the screen sharer opens a program, every other person on the session can see the program open, which might lead to some faux-pas, refer to our other blog post on how to avoid screen sharing "faux-pas".

What is screen sharing used for, and what can I do with it?

two kids excitedly look at the same laptop screen

What about this?

Imagine trying to teach someone how to use a brand new software on the phone, for the purposes of this blog, imagine trying to teach your grandparents how to use a new computer program. Humans are more visual than conceptual, we can understand something a lot easier if we see it, and why people use screen sharing to demonstrate, educate and present.

Due to the advancement of technologies, more and more companies are using screen-sharing as required training for new recruits. Webinars also use screen-sharing to sell their software, since showing always trumps telling, consumers are much more convinced if you show the actual product in action. Any sort of business activity that requires collaboration, such as fixing bugs, finding an issue or sharing feedback, can be more efficient with screen sharing.

I want to try screen sharing, but where do I start?

That’s awesome, but where can I find an easy, free, screen-sharing app without the hassle of downloading?

That's where we come in! Create a free account today with no commitments, and try screen sharing for yourself. It's easier than you think.

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