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Driving Profit By Reducing Costs With Conference Calls

Driving Profit By Reducing Costs With Conference Calls

Clock ProfitProfit is essentially revenue minus costs, so by reducing costs with conference calls you are already on your way towards successfully increasing profit. What better way to start than to save on something you do regularly in your professional life? That’s right, I’m talking about conference calls.


The Surefire Way To Boost Profit

Reducing and controlling your costs can be much easier than increasing traffic and sales. Controlling costs in business is like pruning roses. When you cut away the dead wood, the whole plant grows better and you get more flowers. It is hard to conceptualize that less brings more, but if you want to get a better return on your sales investment, the easiest place to start is pruning your sales cost per unit.

The Phone As A Profit Machine

Reducing costs with conference calls is the best example of turning your phone into a profit machine, aside from running an illegal telemarketing ring. But let’s not forget about sharing sales and conversion tactics, which is important information to increasing sales. Imagine a sales meeting of a team spread across the country. The team leader needs to communicate the newest product enhancements to staff, keep them inspired, and build team spirit.
Unfortunately, to get 15 people to a 3-hour meeting (45 hours of labor) costs 2 hours of travel time each. That’s 30 labor hours wasted to get 45 labor hours of productivity. Most companies respond to that kind of waste by cutting the number of sales meetings.
But you can’t cut sales meetings as it could reduce the overall productivity of the team.

The manager cannot risk depressing sales and not communicating the newest strategies to the sales team. That’s where conference calls come in!

3 Benefits Of Cutting Sales Costs

Conference calls can eliminate those 30 wasted hours, because free and easy conferencing with is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing. In this situation, has helped you save 30 wasted hours off the bat and boosted the sales revenue to sales cost ratio up.

In addition to that, the head of sales is no longer under pressure to reduce the number of sales meetings for costs. You were at 4 meetings a year knowing 8 would be the optimal number to boost sales. With, go ahead and schedule 8 meetings. You’ll save 8 x 30 = 240 staff hours in travel time, and get the desired maximum productivity.
What about expenses? How much gas and per diem expense did we save using conference calls? Plenty. Shave another $2,000 off the annual sales expense, even though we increased the total number of meetings.

Conference calls can be FREE! calls are free; it’s in the name. They can be set up instantly using the scheduler feature, but calls can also be reservation-less. Premium features like international numbers and call recording can be added for as little as $9.99 per month. There are also security features and even AI generated call summaries available too.

Look Before You Leap

LeapPruning your sales cost isn’t as glamorous as projects trying to boost sales growth, but it is important low-hanging fruit. Controlling costs is a key element of making sure your business model is profitable. There’s no better place to start than using as your conferencing solution.

Create a free account today, and see how’s list of features can meet your business’s needs.

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