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How To Host Stellar Meetings [PDF Download]

Preview of's Meeting Checklist "How To Host Stellar Meetings"Nothing is worse than wasting time in unproductive meetings! Want to know how to host better meetings? We've collaborated and scoured the internet to put together a full checklist of best practices for hosting more productive meetings.

This meeting checklist is your one-stop tool for hosting the most productive and engaging meetings ever.

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What's included in the meeting checklist?

  • Quick tips that anyone can use, such as how to get better attendance and more participation;
  • Suggestions on how to keep meetings on track and staying out of overtime;
  • All the steps you should take to ensure you get the most from your meeting from 3 days before to after your meeting concludes;
  • What you should do right before your meeting to ensure technology doesn't snag your presentation;
  • Tips on how to moderate your meeting, especially if you're not all in the same room;
  • What you should always include in your meeting agenda when sending out your invitations;
  • And more!

Download the FREE Meeting Checklist and start having better, more productive meetings, today!

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