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Thanksgiving Weekend may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the good times have to be done! is giving out a second helping of fun with out Cyber Monday SALE!

For ONE DAY ONLY when you purchase any premium bundle, you’ll get the second month absolutely FREE*! Get all the fixin’s, like toll-free dial-ins, call recording, increased web conferencing limits, and more!

The Appetizer: The Starter Plan is only $9.99/Month, and comes with a healthy helping of Unlimited Call Recording. It also includes 15 Online Meeting Participants and 3 Video Streams for web conference calls, and Toll-Free & Premium International Dial-Ins.

The Turkey: The Plus Plan is $24.99/Month. It includes Unlimited Call Recording and Toll-Free & Premium International Dial-Ins, as well as 20 Online Meeting Participants and 5 Video Streams for web conference calls. Want some cranberry sauce with that? This plan also comes with 500 Toll-Free Minutes.

The 3-Course Meal: The Pro Plan is $34.99/Month. Unlimited Call Recording and Toll-Free & Premium International Dial-Ins, and 25 Online Meeting Participants and 8 Video Streams for web conference calls. It also comes with 750 Toll-Free Minutes included, so you can really fill your plate.

But act now as this offer is only available on Monday, November 28, 2016! Thanksgiving only comes by once a year! 🙂

CLICK HERE to view our one day offer!

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