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Customer Spotlight: Pastor Brown of T.O.G. Ministries

Pastor Brown from Tabernacle of God ministriesHow Pastor Ronald H. Brown uses to equip changed people to save the world

From his ministry based in Orlando, Florida, Pastor Ronald H. Brown uses to conduct daily prayer lines every weekday at 7 AM to lead intercessory prayers on behalf of all those in need of spiritual aid, and to discuss the teachings of the Bible with his congregation.

About Pastor Brown

Before starting The Tabernacle of God Ministries in 2001, Ronald H. Brown had lost his job, and had lived through the life-altering experience of the passing of his son. He happened to come into possession of an empty building through the seminary school that he was attending, and felt compelled to undertake the work of Christ by creating T.O.G. ministries.

“It was God calling me,” Pastor Brown explains, “It’s both a burden and a passion, and it drives you even when you think it’s impossible.”

How T.O.G. Ministries uses to connect with their audience

Pastor Brown and his congregation begin each weekday morning with an intercessory prayer using’s free conference calling service, with 500+ conference to date, and over 100,000 minutes logged. They pray on behalf of those in need of support --whether spiritual, physical, or emotional. Most of them have already reached out beforehand to ask for prayers, but the ministry also prays for Congress, First Responders, and their country as a whole.

Connecting people all over the US with a simple, intuitive, conferencing solution

T.O.G. Ministries gets callers from as far away as South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, and even from outside the country, all of whom are connected seamlessly using These callers all depend on to connect them to the ministry from their unique locations.

“ is so beneficial to us. There are so many people that we would have never seen, spoken to, and helped, without,” says Pastor Brown.

When it comes to planning trips and co-ordinating with out-of-state church members, Pastor Brown and the members of T.O.G. Ministries use to keep in touch with each other and to save on long-distance fees. They use free conference calls as a support system to keep their members on track. is proud to be serving T.O.G. Ministries with free, high-quality phone conferencing

24/7 on-demand conferencing helps Pastor Brown and the other members of T.O.G. Ministries to spread the word of God to anyone who is in need of support, and to act as agents of change within their community.

Pastor Brown sums it up perfectly: “We’re doing the work of Christ. What purpose is there for the Church if not to support our fellow men and women, and our community as a whole?”

More information on The Tabernacle of God Ministries can be found on their website, or The Tabernacle of God Ministries’ Facebook Page.

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