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Conference Call Scheduling

time is moneyIn today’s technology-driven culture, time is at a premium. People are reachable at every moment of every day and that’s enough to max out anyone’s schedule. When you’re short on time, sticking to a plan is your only saving grace. That’s why FreeConference is pleased to offer its ultra-useful Conference Call Scheduling feature.

FreeConference’s Conference Call Scheduling feature gives you the ability to schedule calls in advance, so you can clear a time that works for everyone on the team. Once you’ve settled on and booked a time, FreeConference sends out automated invitations to everyone you want included on the call. As the call time approaches, FreeConference sends out a round of reminders to you and your participants, so no one will miss a beat.

Conference Call Scheduling is easy to use. Once you sign into your account, go to the "Create" tab at the top of the screen and simply click the “Schedule” button. This will guide you to a screen where you can select the date and time you would like the call to occur. From here you can also give the call a title, set an agenda for the call, select the contacts you would like included on the call and decide how often you would like the meeting to be repeated.

When it comes to getting the most from your team, respecting their time is an excellent way to build trust as well as loyalty. Conference Call Scheduling ensures the participants you wish to include receive enough warning and know what to expect from the call. This useful feature ensures everyone can stick to his or her all-important schedule without those nasty last minute surprises.

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