The new year is a time to re-affirm old commitments, but it is also a time to let go of what no longer serves us. In the spirit of leaving the bad behind to make way for the good, here are the 7 worst conference call jokes that I could come up with. Like old underwear, toxic relationships, and the music video for “Man’s Not Hot”, these literary atrocities should be left behind in 2017. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1) Knock knock. (who’s there?) Canoe. (Canoe Who?)
Canoe join this conference call with me real quick?

2) Why did the chicken cross the road?
Someone had joined a conference call using speakerphone and he just couldn’t take it.

3) When is the best time to hold a conference call?
6:30, hands down.

4) How do trees join online meetings?
They log in.

5) How does NASA organize a conference call?
They planet.

6) Two web artists decided to use screen sharing to hold an art contest.
It was a draw.

7) An Australian man walks into a meeting for the Coalition Against Conference Calls and asks to use their phone. The coalition leader asks “Did you come here to die”? The Australian man responds, “no, I came here yester-die”.

women actually laughing at conference call jokes

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