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Coming Together in Time of Need with FreeConference

FreeConference Assists Newly Created ‘Flight to Crisis’ Volunteer Efforts for Haitian Relief

LOS ANGELES--February 11, 2010— Out of nowhere, a new organization has sprung up to help the relief efforts in Haiti, according to Anne Dilenschneider of The Huffington Post, and has already garnered 160 volunteers around the world to participate in two-week rotations of professional service on the island. Flight to Crisis came together through the coordination of Laz Poujol, and with the help of FreeConference, has connected volunteers from several countries around the world.The speed of this coordinated effort has been most impressive.

The newly created Flight to Crisis volunteers are a group of doctors, nurses, clergy, medical specialists, engineers, and first responders who are making the time to make a difference. Their focus is to provide primary care needs and to help relieve overburdened charities and long-term support personnel. They have been using FreeConference to meet, discuss concerns, and make arrangements for their trip.

“Charitable organizations are especially thankful for free services and we have heard many stories over the years of how FreeConference has made a difference in their ability to grow and expand awareness of their cause,” said Ken Ford, CEO of Global Conference Partners, parent company of FreeConference. “It’s very profound to hear their heartfelt stories of appreciation.”

Several years ago another organization, the California Hunger Action Coalition, also started out as a grass roots effort to address hunger needs in the state of California.  They turned to FreeConference to help rally support around efforts such as Hunger Action Day, and have continued to rely on the service to coordinate projects throughout California.

Other charitable organizations that regularly rely on FreeConference services includethe American Red Cross, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and many others that make helping and healing people the forefront of their cause.

FreeConference has sponsored a Flight to Crisis Volunteer, and encourages others to become involved. Flight to Crisis is looking for volunteers, volunteer sponsors, supplies, and donations of frequent flyer miles. Learn more.

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