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The creative team at FreeConference decided to reach out to some of our favorite artists, textile artists, and illustrators, asking them to redesign the FreeConference logo (the  Puffin) according to their personal style. I was privileged enough to chat with one of our lovely artists, Alex Nursall.

Before I sat down at my computer to talk to Alex, using, I did a little research.40 minutes down the Google rabbit hole, I realized we used to work for the same publication at the University of Toronto – their newspaper, the Varsity.

FreeConference has a one-click video conference function,  but I also gave Alex the option to call-in using our Toronto dial-in number but secretly hoped she would join our conference as I was looking forward to seeing how Alex would look on our crystal clear video. She often dyes her hair in unique colours and is a complete style maven. I was nervous and excited all at once.

Alex Nursall is known as a writer, illustrator, photographer, and comic, but I wanted to know which of these titles sits first on her business card.

We ended up talking about the power of language, the need for breathing room, and why it doesn’t always pay to take yourself too seriously. Which leads me to introduce this guy.


When talking to Eric Anderson, the Texas-born author, illustrator, and part-time actor in his brother’s movies, the first thing I managed to do was suggest that he was, personally, ancient. An old-timer. I had merely said that I’d known about him for a quite a while.


"Yeah," he sighs. “It’s been a long time now.”


I scrambled to explain that I simply meant that I’d admired his work for some time. But the damage was done.  

We had been chatting because of a new venture here at FreeConference: Project Puffin. Having approached him for a commission as one of our featured artists, we wanted to see what he could come up with for our beloved mascot. Here’s what we got back. (more…)

How do you bring together corporate image branding and creative expression? Throw a bird in.

When artists, artificially intelligent conferencing software, and alcids come together, they make something beautiful.

Meet the Muse

He is feathered, rotund, often under-appreciated -  he’s our FreeConference mascot. While he lives a good life here, crossing oceans and working freelance, we can’t help but feel he needs to get noticed. Though he's no world-renowned motivational speaker, artist or teacher, he’s always been more than just a puffin.

The creative team at FreeConference decided to reach out to some of our favourite artists, textile artists, and illustrators, asking them to redesign the Puffin according to their personal style. They had some pretty novel ideas, both about puffins, and life in general.  



Artists, performers, artisans: the freefolk of the business world. How does one reach out to them?

In a business world tailored for large-level enterprises, it can be difficult to carve out a space in the ether for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Luckily, the World Wide Web has become a professional hub for potters, mural artists, textile artists, body painters, face painters, sculptors, performance artists, dancers, singers, and limitless freelance services, such as dog-walking or lawn-mowing. The problem is that these individuals and collectives don't always feature a Contact Us button.  (more…)