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Architectural Collaborations through Online Video Conferencing

Like most other disciplines in the 21st century, the Internet has offered professionals plenty of opportunities for long-distance collaboration. Cloud software such as Google Drive and Dropbox have allowed professionals to make changes, share documents, and edit material in real-time, so collaboration from across the globe is possible.

Archit Desk

As a discipline, architecture is often very collaborative—it is important to work together to draft innovative new ideas.

One of the professions most significantly impacted by this shift towards the “cloud” is architects—where inspiration was once found through gazing upon grand structures and cityscapes, inspiration and collaboration has become much more intimate in the 21st century.

In using these technologies, professionals must also have a reliable online video conferencing service to stay in touch and communicate freely. That's why offers user-friendly, crystal-clear video calling software at your fingertips—no downloads, registration, or updates, just easy calling from your browser.

Planning meetings and deals

Drafting Process's online video conferencing and call scheduling
help you to stay up-to-date with every step of the design process.

Any architectural achievement comes with the right funding—either by a private party, a government body, or any other source of capital. After all, could Antoni Gaudi have changed the Barcelona cityscape without a few bucks to build his jaw-dropping buildings? What about Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic staples of modern American architecture? Probably not. Finding the right source of venture capital is difficult enough, so why should you need to travel around your country or around the world to find it? With Internet calling, gone are the days of traveling long distances to even get a project off the ground.

Online video conferencing helps bring investors, architects, and urban planners together on one convenient platform—after all, contemporary design should be complimented with contemporary technology, in both the building itself and the process of building it. Communicating with investors and other professionals helps streamline the creative process, and helps you know exactly your client's needs and how to achieve them.

Exchanging ideas

Great architects come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities—that is why it is important to have an open platform for communication and collaboration among architects and urban planners. For example, cities with notably innovative architecture (such as Berlin, Copenhagen, and Singapore, among others) are bustling with world-class architects and consultants that can be invaluable for guidance and collaboration. Like any profession, networking is important for architects, and can help you to keep in touch with the minds that inspire and advise you.

The world of architecture is always changing, so it is important to keep up with trends from fellow professionals, investors, and civil engineers for guidance. No project is perfect from the start, and this is especially true of architecture—designing requires many hours of trial and error, multiple drafts, and many other steps.

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