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5 Ways to Use Online Video Conferencing to Lead Your Remote Workforce

Almost every industry has embraced the concept of working remotely, necessary in the current working environment. The number of people working from home or elsewhere has been trending up in North America for the past decade. Articles have come out supporting remote work, stating that it increases productivity, efficiency and morale.

But nothing comes without challenges, and with teammates abroad, there are some issues that might arise during the day-to-day. An appropriate solution is online video conferencing, which we will discuss in this post.


Communication is instrumental to workplace success but is susceptible to inaccuracies and unaddressed compromises when colleagues are remotely working. With an online video conferencing channel, you can keep up with your co-workers at any time. Never miss out on another meeting, track tasks and projects, and provide feedback with your conferencing channel.

Teamwork Building

Group projects face challenges even when all members are present. They become nearly impossible working from remote environments. Close the distance between you with an online video conferencing service. This technology enables on-demand meetings, document sharing, and troubleshooting.

Water for The Fire

It is inevitable to have emergencies in a business setting. There can be an outage, sudden customer request, or a hack on any given day. There is equally no need to panic; with an established communication channel like the web conference system, you can get people together in real-time to make the urgent decisions in an informed manner.


Online video conferencing platforms can be more useful than merely for their communication channel. Some offer key features, such as document and screen-sharing that can be used outside of the company. The platform can be used for sales demos, business presentations, and troubleshooting with customer service, even when the team is remote.

Safety and Comfort in Numbers

It’s always nicer to have someone around. It is hard to establish a company culture with a lack of human interaction or team building. Furthermore, when people are overseas, they are not regulated by policies and rules that the company established. Keep in touch with the rest of the team with web-conferencing, routine human contact can go a long way.

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