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3 Tricks to Play on Your Conference or Office this Halloween

It’s always difficult to balance work and play, especially on such a fun holiday like Halloween. Lately, Halloween is ascending in popularity, establishing itself as the second most popular holiday among employees, second to Christmas of course, and when the culture is set up right it can create a teamwork-enhancing motivational work environment.

That includes us here at we work hard and play hard, we also conference hard. In this blog I will present 3 Halloween-themed scenarios and an esteemed panel of 3 will rate it out of 10 and give an explanation of their ratings, here they are:

Scenario 1: Dressing up in costume for work and conference calls

Already a controversial topic, is it too distracting for work? Is it a slippery slope that leads to decorations and unproductive behavior? Or could it be a positive? This is what our judges had to say:

Judge Spooky: 8. As a manager, I have to be considerate for my employees that don’t like dressing up, which is why I didn’t give a 10.

Judge Beth: 9. As long as it’s office appropriate, dressing up can be good for the workplace, which reminds me: WE SHOULD DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN!

Judge John Everyman: 7. I think it’s a little "top of the barrel". Even though it has the potential to be very funny, it lacks creativity.

Scenario 2: Halloween themed snacks, and cubicle trick-or-treating

Can’t imagine someone being opposed to pumpkin pies and apple muffins, but cubicle trick-or-treating might be taking it too far, especially if employees are on the phone or conference calls. According to our judges…

Judge Spooky: 10. We are too uptight, sometimes it’s needed to break our working habits and routines from time to time, and Halloween is the perfect scenario to do that.

Judge Beth: 9. I love the idea of cubicle trick-or-treating as a team-building exercise, but nothing is perfect, I don’t know what’s wrong with this yet though…

Judge John Everyman: 9. This I like, much more Halloween.

Scenario 3: Halloween pranks played on co-workers

This year I cut out large sheets of paper so that it resembled a hooded man and hung it behind our file cabinets. Indecently, I also sit in front of said file cabinet while making video calls, so it looks like I’m constantly stalked.

Judge Spooky: 0. We never know how people are feeling, pranks can catch them on the wrong day and they can backfire on you, so why take the chance?

Judge Beth: 5. Pranks are not cool, do not prank people in the work-place, it can really go badly especially if they are with a customer…

Judge John Everyman: 10. Playing tricks on people is part of the spirit of Halloween! Sure, everyone likes treats better, but it’s called "trick or treat" for a reason!


jackolantern with scary halloween backdrop


Judge Spooky just fired Judge John Everyman… Meeting Checklist Banner

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