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Di-bayn-di-zi-win (To Own Ourselves) 
An Immersive Audio Experience has partnered with Dundurn Press to showcase Di-bayn-di-zi-win (To Own Ourselves) Embodying Ojibway-Anishinabe Ways a collaborative book that explores the importance of the Ojibway-Anishinabe worldview.

Listen And Be Immersed

To aid non-Anishinabe people to “come halfway,” the authors offer seven Anishinabe protocols, principles, and practices to help understand and honour Anishinabe cultures as read by famed indigenous singer Rosary Spence.

To listen, press play on the video or call: 

rosary spence

About The Narrator

Rosary Spence - Originally from the coastal Cree community of Fort Albany First Nation, off the coast of James Bay, Rosary Spence is a well-recognized Indigenous singer, steeped in time-honoured Aboriginal rhythms and styles. Her debut album (released May 2015) is titled Maskawasiwin, a Cree word for Strength. It is dedicated to all of the teachings and teachers whom have provided her with strength thus far in her life's journey.

About The Book

In the book, authors Makwa Ogimaa (Jerry Fontaine) and Ka-pi-ta-aht (Don McCaskill) share their di-bah-ji-mo-wi-nan (stories of personal experience) in order to provide insight into the cultural, political, social, and academic events of the past fifty years of Ojibway-Anishinabe resistance in Canada.

They suggest that Ojibway-Anishinabe i-zhi-chi-gay-win zhigo kayn-dah-so-win — or “Ways of doing and knowing” — can provide alternative ways of living and thriving in today’s world.

Di-bayn-di-zi-win (To Own Ourselves) an Immersive Audio Experience