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SMS Text Invitations

Use SMS Text Invitations to keep participants informed, and meetings running like clockwork.
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Choose The Fastest Way To Invite

Email and calendar prompts are effective but SMS Text Invitations ensure your invite gets delivered exactly where you need it to go – and fast. It’s easy access to busy people.

Send participants meeting invites with a text message that gets sent straight to their device and saved in their calendar.

SMS Text Invitations are included with the Pro Plan.

Reach Participants Directly

Need to fire off urgent meeting details – right now? Enable the SMS Text Invitations feature to notify participants wherever they are on any of their handheld devices that can receive SMS notifications.

Set It And Forget It

Once you’ve linked your Address Book and enabled the feature, SMS Text Invitations automatically pings your meeting’s important info to the right people. You don’t even have to think twice.

To get SMS Text Invitations, sign up for the Pro plan!

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