Reservationless Conferences

Reservationless Standard

Reservationless Standard is a free telephone conferencing service† that can be used instantly and securely without the assistance of an operator. To get a reservationless number, sign up and receive a dedicated dial-in number and access code. You do not have to provide us with any information regarding your conference, including the date and time, estimated number of Participants, Dial-in Number, Participant Access Code, etc. Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant Access Code at the same time will be connected together.

Reservationless Premium 800

Resevationless Premium 800 conferencing lets you host Participants whenever it is convenient for you for only $0.10 per minute per caller. Once you enter your credit card information, you will be assigned a permanent, dedicated Toll Free 800 number and access code along with a subscriber pin. To schedule a call, you send your Toll Free Dial-in Number and Participant Access Code to Participants, along with the date and time of your call. Your subscriber pin is for your use only to activate each toll free call. Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant Access Code at the same time will be connected together. Service includes unlimited recording, Reservationless desktop sharing (coming soon) and toll free customer service. (learn more)

†Everyone participating in the conference must call the same Dial-in Number. Depending on the location of each Participant, the call may be local or long distance for each Participant. Although we do not charge for this service, long distance rates or tolls will be charged by the phone company that each caller uses (e.g. Sprint, MCI, AT&T, etc.). We do not require the use of any specific phone company (nor do we know their rates).

Conference On Demand Services


Reservationless Premium 800

Reservationless Standard

Maximum size 150 150
Event-Sized Conferences
(150+ participants)
Available upon request Available upon request
Maximum hours per conference1 5 3
Dial-in Number and Access Codes2 Assigned with credit card Assigned with registration
Cost per minute/user $0.10 FREE3
Post conference summary reports    
Toll-Free Customer Support   n/a
Recording and Playback (learn more) 4 $9/Month
Transcription Services 5 n/a
Priority scheduling   n/a
Reservationless - no scheduling    
Dedicated premium bridge   n/a
Instant access from any phone    
Crystal clear all-digital connections    
Secure and private    
24-hour automated access    
No computer required    
Real-time conference management controls from keypad    
Outlook add-in available for easy scheduling (learn more)    
No Operator Needed    
  • Begins: When the first caller enters the conference, except for Premium 800. These calls begin when the subscriber pin is entered. Ends: When the last caller exits the conference
  • Note: Organizer Access Code is the star key (*) followed by the Participant Access Code. You do not register or reserve your Dial-in Number and Access Codes with us. Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant and/or Organizer Access Code will be connected together. Do not share your subscriber pin with any participant.
  • Each participant pays their own US long distance rate to the conference
  • Single recording
  • Available from a third-party service we refer

Related Help

How to a organize a Reservationless Standard Conference

Web-Scheduled conferences have a guaranteed time slot on our conference bridge for the number of Participants, date, and time that you select. You reserve this time slot in advance by using this web site, and call the dial-in number the conference scheduler issues to you. (More information)

Reservationless conferences allow you to call any time you wish, without scheduling your conference through the SiteName website. Using your own planning tools, you can create a conference on-demand. When you register, you will receive a dedicated Dial-in Number and Access Code. Just let your participants know the date, time, Dial-in Number and Access Code. You can use your reservationless Dial-in Number and unique Access Code again and again.

No, you don't need to let us know. Because the conference is reservationless, you only need to notify your Participants of the Dial-in Number and Participant Access Code.

If you enter the conference using the Organizer Access Code you will be able to use the enhanced controls. The Organizer Access Code is the star (*) followed by the Participant Access Code you choose. For further information please click here.

No, you can add Reservationless Premium 800 for $0.10 cents per minute/caller from your logged-in home page if you already have a credit card on file. By clicking on the "Add Now" link, your reservationless Premium 800 number will automatically appear in your "Conference on Demand" window for your use. If you do not have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to fill out this form first. Once you have a credit card on file, you can easily add other premium services from your logged-in home page.

Premium 800 Web-Scheduled conferences require the use of our online reservation system to set up a conference call. The benefits of this include access to extensive management tools including the ability to send invitations and receive RSVP's. Reservationless Toll Free 800 service does not require the use of our online scheduling process. You schedule your call using your own calendar or other scheduling tools. Both services are available 24/7 for only $0.10 per minute per caller. To make scheduling a reservationless call a snap, you can download the FreeConference Outlook Conference Manager which automatically embeds your conference information right into your meeting request and enables all of the Outlook features to be used to manage your conference calls.

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