Conference & Collect Rewards with Puffin Points

Join our exclusive Puffin Points Rewards Program and earn points for rewards like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Mobile Apps, eBooks, digital Gift Cards and more!

How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply hold a conference call or online meeting! Every time you hold 3 conferences, you will earn 3 Puffin Points!

Cash in Puffin Points at the SnippRewards store to win great rewards like music, movies, gift certificates and more!

Just let us know that you’d like to participate by filling in the form on the right, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sorry, Opt-In is now Closed. All 200 spots have been claimed.

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We've partnered with SnippRewards to create an easy and seamless rewards program with giveaways that you will love!

Puffin Points F.A.Q.

What are puffin points?              
What’s better than free? Getting free stuff from a free service! has partnered with SnippRewards to easy and seamless rewards program with great payoffs!

One Puffin Point is equivalent to one credit in the SnippRewards store

How do I earn Puffin Points?
It’s simple: Hold a conference with at least one other person for 15 minutes or longer. For every 3 conferences you hold, you get 3 puffin points. The day after you complete your third conference, a unique reward code will be emailed to you for you to redeem your 3 Puffin Points.

How do I redeem Puffin Points?
Once you’ve received your code, visit to create your profile. After activating your profile, simply click on the 0 on the top right of the page to enter your unique rewards code.

Do you have to enter each code?
Yes, entering each code is necessary to accumulate the Puffin Points you have earned.

Does it matter if we conference online or by phone?
It doesn’t matter how you choose to connect. As long as there is more than a single user connected to your conference line, it is counted as a conference.

How long does a conference have to be to qualify for a Puffin Point?
To qualify, each conference has to last longer than 15 minutes.

How do I join/Am I eligible?
Simply click the Opt-In button on our Puffin Points email to become eligible for the points program. This is an exclusive invite to the Beta launch of our program that is only going out to select users within the United States, so the invitation can not be shared.

Will there be a fee to join the Puffin Points Reward Program?
No, there will be no fees associated with this reward program. Join for FREE by clicking the Opt-In button on our email.

What are the benefits of joining the Puffin Points Rewards Program?
No risk, lots of rewards. There are not too many things that complement each other better than a free service with a free, easy rewards program.

How do I track my Puffin Points?
Your SnippRewards account will automatically track your points, and they will be easily visible when you are logged in on

Is there a maximum amount of rewards I can earn? (Monthly Maximum)
No, there is no maximum amount of rewards or puffin points you can earn, so conference away!

Do puffin points expire?
No, your puffin points do not expire.

How long do I have to redeem my Puffin Rewards?
 You can also redeem your Puffin Points for Snipp Rewards at any time.

How do I opt out?
Please contact support at to opt out of the program.

Who do I contact for Puffin Points if I don’t know something?
Just contact Support! Email us at and get your queries answered promptly.

How long does this program last?
Our pilot program will last 3 months. We’ll keep you posted if we decide to bring it back for more!

Is it possible for me to lose points?
There are no ways to lose Puffin Points.

I already love, will this affect my conferences?
The whole point of this program is to reward our users for using our service, even if it’s free. For our existing callers, this means you can earn rewards on top of your regular conference calls!