NEW! FreeConference Mobile 2.0
All the tools you'll need to keep your communications organized and efficient. As an Organizer you can schedule, share, conduct, record, listen to, and view conference details on your mobile phone.
Requires OS version 2.2
or later.
Requires iOS 4.0 or later.            
Windows Phone 7
Requires OS version 7.5
or later.
  • Your account seamlessly integrates with the app, including your contacts, upcoming scheduled calls, and call history
  • OneTouch™: Includes dial-in number and access code to bring conference organizers directly into their conference
  • Executive Assistant℠ Mode: Allows your assistant to schedule conferences for you from his/her mobile phone. Conference schedule shows up only on account holder's mobile and online calendar (Android and iPhone only)
  • FreeConference Sync℠: Sends conferencing information to Evernote, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Outlook
  • Log in to an existing account or sign up for a new account within the app
  • Invite participants using the contacts on your phone or your contacts
  • Send invitations via email or text message
  • Save conferences to your phone's calendar (Android and iPhone only)
  • Conference call alerts with one-touch dial-in
  • Listen to conference recordings
  • Record a personalized greeting
  • View your account stats
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