Our Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard conferencing services are free, but we do not provide Toll-Free (800) Dial-in Numbers.  Although some callers may be local to our Dial-in Numbers, most callers should expect to dial a long distance number to access our conference bridges and, therefore pay only the normal domestic long distance rates charged by each caller's long distance carrier for the length of time they are on the call.

Our Web-based conference call scheduling and management tools, as well as our conference bridges, are offered entirely free of charge!  There is absolutely no catch.  This is not a limited-time offer - no gimmicks, no gotchas and no tricks.  These standard services are full-featured, with only minimal service limitations.

We can not and do not put charges on your phone bill, nor do we ask for a credit card number or any other form of payment for use of our Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard conferencing services.  In fact, we do not bill you at all for these standard services.

Our standard conference services are great money-saving tools when it is appropriate for each caller to pay his/her own long distance charges.  Since this may not be suitable for every situation, conference Organizers who prefer to provide a Toll-Free Dial-in Number and/or space for more Participants should click here to learn more about our Web-Scheduled Premium 800 service.

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