What if you could search your conference recording and instantly pinpoint the precise time when something was said? Better yet, what if you could search your meeting history to find the meeting (or meetings) when a specific subject was mentioned?


Get a full overview of your meeting in a single, user-friendly, view. Know who attended, when they joined and when they left your call. Get a rundown of what was said in the chat window, or read through the recording transcript. Access direct links to files that were shared during your meeting, as well as audio & video recordings.



From identifying different speakers to highlighting commonly used terms, auto transcripts take the context of your meeting beyond the conference call. Get more value out of your meetings with searchable transcripts of your audio recordings, powered by artificial intelligence.


Smart Search is your ideal search bar for saving time and managing post meeting data. While Smart Summaries save all your important meeting content, Smart Search allows you to access everything with minimal effort.

Share your meetings with an extended audience using the built-in video recorder or live stream to YouTube.


Expand your following and extend your reach at little to no cost by connecting your live video conference to your Youtube Channel. With the power of YouTube and, you now have the ability to have more viewers on your conference with very little effort.


Record a live video conference or record your screen share. Whatever you stream in the online meeting room, record and share with your audience ensuring they never miss a conference again. MP4 video recordings are available in your call history for download or playback almost immediately after your meeting.


Add an additional layer of security & meet without fear of intrusion using the one-time access codes & meeting lock.


Prevent unwanted visitors from invading your conference by locking the meetings after it begins, requiring late attendees to ask permission to join.


Ensure each call is unique and private with the one-time access code, valid only for the duration of your scheduled conference call or online meeting.

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Features Free Starter Plus Pro
HD Audio Participants (Callers) 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Web Participants 5 15 50 100
Free International Dial-in Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Premium International Dial-In Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Toll-Free Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Monthly Premium Minutes 100 500 750
Overage Rate (Premium Minutes) $0.10 $0.08 $0.06
Brand-Free Greetings on Premium and Toll-Free Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Video Conferencing checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Screen Sharing checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
YouTube Live Video Streaming checkmark
Audio (MP3) Recording checkmark checkmark checkmark
Video (MP4) Recording checkmark checkmark
Auto Transcription checkmark checkmark checkmark
Meeting Lock checkmark checkmark checkmark
One-Time Access Code checkmark checkmark checkmark
Mobile Apps  checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
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