What’s included with the best free online meeting software?

Our free online meeting apps include:

  • High-quality audio conference calls with up to 1000 callers – FREE
  • Call scheduling
  • Reservationless conference calling
  • Address book
  • Recurring conference call meetings
  • Access to international dial-in numbers
  • Conference call controls
  • Text chat and document sharing
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing is available on computers and Android devices (video calls and screen sharing, coming soon for iPhone app)



free conference calls-more features

FreeConference.com has a huge list of amazing free features. Our software can be used:

  1. In your google chrome browser (no downloads!)
  2. Using our mobile app on your iPhone or Android device
  3. Using our Desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux

More Mobile App Features:

  • View call history
  • Listen to recordings of past online meetings
  • Your FreeConference account seamlessly integrates with the FreeConference mobile app, syncing your contacts, scheduled calls and call history
  • Additional paid features are available including toll-free calling and call recording
  • Download the FreeConference mobile app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and sign in to your existing account. If you don’t have a FreeConference account, sign up – for FREE.


How do I start an online meeting?

After creating your free account, you can set up an online meeting with up to 5 people (with our paid plans you can have up to 100 online participants). There are a few different ways that you can initiate or join a conference via internet.

freeconference-pin-less-entry1. START an On-Demand / Reservationless call
On the dashboard of your account, click “Start” to initiate an on-demand conference call to begin right away. The first time you call in, you will be prompted to “allow” your system to access your webcam and microphone.

If you have scheduled your call, you can log in to your account up to 15 minutes before the planned start time and click on ‘Start‘ or on the highlighted call listed in ‘Today’s calls‘ to access your online meeting.

An on-demand video conference call can also be initiated by pasting your unique conference URL into your web browser. It will look like this, with your designated Access Code at the end: https://hello.freeconference.com/conf/call/1234567

This link can be found at the top of your account homepage. Simply click on the ‘Copy details’ button to add this information to your clipboard. You can then paste this into an email or text message to send to participants.

How do I record an online meeting?

The recording button is located within the Menu at the top of your Online Meeting Room. To start or pause a recording – simply click on the circle labeled ‘RECORD‘.

The recording feature is available with any of our paid Plans, which can be purchased via the ‘Upgrade‘ section of your account.

  • Audio recording is available with ALL paid plans.
  • With the Plus and Pro plan, you can also record the whole online meeting, including screen sharing, video, and audio.

You can also set all calls to record automatically by default, via the ‘Settings’ section of your account.


How do I schedule an online meeting?

  1. FreeConference-scheduleSign into your account
  2. Click the ‘Schedule’ button
  3. Select a date and time and optional subject and agenda
  4. Add email addresses of the people you want to send invites to (optional)
  5. Select relevant dial-in numbers in case some prefer to connect their audio via phone
  6. Everyone will receive and email invitation with your unique meeting link and instructions on how to join

So you know, It isn’t necessary to schedule a conference in order to start an online meeting. You can set up an on-demand call at any time using the same details. In fact, you don’t even need to log in to your account to get started. From within the online meeting room, you also have the option to invite participants while the call is in progress.


How can I create a webinar for free?

With FreeConference.com you can set up a free webinar using our online meeting app. This will enable you to share your video and screen with up to a total of 5 participants. The Chat feature will allow participants to ask questions or make comments during the webinar. If you need to allow access to more people, then our premium subscriptions will enable you to share with a potentially infinite number of viewers.

To get started, just connect with your webinar participants using your online meeting room via Google Chrome or using one of our apps. You will find your unique meeting link within your account at the top right of your dashboard.


How can I make a free online call?

Connect with people anywhere in the world for free online using FreeConference.com. With a free subscription, you can host meetings within Google Chrome on a computer or using any of our mobile and desktop apps and have up to a total of 5 people participate, with video and screen sharing capabilities.puffin-hi

  • Share your unique meeting room link to set up a free online call at any time
  • Or schedule within your FreeConference.com account to set it up in advance
  • Additional participants can also join via phone and connect with other online callers

Sign up today for your free account!


People can’t hear or see me in the online meeting

If other participants are unable to hear you or they can not see your video, it may only be that you need to adjust a simple setting within your browser.

1. Unmute yourself
If people can’t hear you, check first to verify if you muted your headset or mobile device. Have you been muted through the system? Click the microphone icon in the top menu of the online meeting room to unmute yourself.

2. Check the Online Meeting Room Settings
Click on the settings cog in the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. This will open up a window where you can check your microphone, speakers and webcam settings.

3. Call Diagnostic Test
If changing the settings doesn’t resolve the problem, then it is a good idea to run the ‘Connection Test’. The link to this test can be found via ‘Settings’ within the Online Meeting Room and also via the Menu in your account dashboard.

4. Check Browser Permissions
Click on the small lock symbol at the top left of your Chrome browser’s address bar field while in the online meeting room – as shown in the image below. If your webcam and microphone are blocked, then you will see this under ‘Permissions’.
To unblock your webcam and microphone, click on the small arrow to the right of ‘Camera’ and ‘Microphone’ and select ‘Allowed’.

5. Verify Connections
It may seem obvious, but it can still happen to the most tech-savvy person. Be sure to check that all cables are properly connected. Sometimes unplugging and plugging them back in again can do the trick

6. Check your computer’s audio/video settings
It can also be that the audio/video settings on your computer need to be adjusted. We have noticed that sometimes on Windows computers for example, the microphone becomes muted – possibly by another application.

7. Check that your participants/viewers are properly connected
If your participants did not connect their audio when joining via internet, or have issues as listed in point 4 or 5, then the source of the problem may not be on your side. I would recommend sending this troubleshooting link to help resolve the issue.