Benefits and Uses of Screen or Desktop Sharing

Top 5 uses for free screen sharing software

  • Education: Students, Professors and Administrators alike can make use of our screen sharing app.
    • Distance learning
    • Study groups
    • Virtual Excursions
    • Management meetings
  • Charity and Non-Profit: Church meetings, small organizations and local community groups.
    • Support Group
    • Committee Meetings
    • Prayer Lines
    • Coaching
    • Meditation calls
  • Coaching: Hold coaching sessions with participants anywhere in the world.
    • Remote training sessions
    • Live support
    • One-on-one client meetings

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Looking for the best free screen sharing software?

Screen sharing excel screen sharing allows you to be better understood while presenting during a web conference. It can be used for training purposes or for collaborating on projects, as well. Screen sharing is free with and is done via the online meeting room, so there are no downloads.

  • No trial – our free service is always free
  • Up to 12 hours long
  • 5 online meeting participants

You will be able to display content like documents and spreadsheets, presentations, photos, websites and more. With no pesky downloads for anyone, you’ll be able to collaborate on anything live from your desktop easily and without frustration, all within Google Chrome or one of our standalone apps.

Pass the baton and let someone else share their screen – no upgrades required.
All online meeting participants have screen sharing access. No upgrades required. No downloads necessary.


What is screen sharing?

screenshare-tool barscreen sharing with in Google Chrome or using our App, allows your participants to view your desktop or a specific application with others in real time. Viewers will not be able to manipulate the shared screen, but only view it as a video stream. Your viewers will be able to see everything you are doing within an application or document, such as highlighting or mouse clicks and any animations or videos.


Can I screen share via an app?

You can use either our Windows or Mac desktop screen sharing app. Download links for these can be found here:

Currently, it isn’t possible to share your screen using a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can also share your screen using Google Chrome on a computer without downloading anything.


What are useful screen sharing tools?

Screen Sharing with allows you to share all types of documents with people who are located in almost any part of the world. The following tools are available with’s screen sharing feature:

  • Share your entire desktop
  • Share one application only
  • Record your screen sharing session* (Plus & Pro plans only)
  • Upload a document for participants to download
  • Present a document, allowing participants to take control of the presentation
  • Virtual Whiteboard* allows hosts and participants to annotate and share ideas


How does screen sharing work?

Our screen sharing service works right inside your browser using WebRTC technology. There is nothing to download and no need for your participants to register anywhere in order to view your screen or shared documents (those sharing their screens will need to add the screen-sharing extension in Google Chrome)

**Please note that our screen sharing service is optimized for Chrome – you are only able to SHARE your screen using Google CHROME or our Desktop App for Windows or Mac. Your participants will also require Chrome. Currently, screen sharing is not available on smartphone or tablet devices.**

To share your screen during a video call, simply click on the ‘SHARE’ button at the top right of your Online Meeting Room during a video call. (If you need help starting a video call, please visit our support center).


How do I set up screen sharing?

With, there is little setup required. You would join your ‘Online Meeting Room’ as usual via your unique link and then hit ‘share’ when you are ready to begin. However, below are a couple of tips that we can recommend.

  1. Get new participants to run the connection test before the meeting.
  2. When Sharing your Screen, to present a Powerpoint presentation or website, it is best to share “Your Entire Screen” rather than “Application Window”.
  3. Presenting a file by uploading it and clicking “Present” from the Chat is a great way to share to a small group.

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Does screen sharing work on an iPad?

At the moment it is not possible to share your screen or view a shared screen on an iPad or iPhone. However, this feature will be added in the near future. For now, you can share your screen using any Mac, Windows or Linux computer within Google Chrome or via one of our standalone Apps.