Yes, we offer toll-free 800 dial-in numbers in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia as a premium service.

The Value of Free (Toll-Free, that is)

Toll-free numbers are a concrete service that displays professionalism. All toll-free numbers on FreeConference use Brand-Free Greetings, which mean that your participants and colleagues will never hear a standard greeting that references us. Your conference is your own, and the Welcome Greeting should reflect that.

Toll-free numbers also simplify connecting to your call. Not to mention that it’s free for your participants to connect to your call (no doubt your participants will appreciate that).

Lastly, using a toll-free number will give you the peace of mind of a truly premium quality dial-in. In general, toll-free numbers experience far fewer dropped calls, and experience less feedback noise on the line.

Toll-free dial-ins are available with all paid plans. You have the freedom to cancel anytime. There is no commitment and no long-term contracts.

Our plans are listed below.

What’s included Free Starter Plus Pro
Audio Conferencing
Max # of Callers per Call 400 400 400 400
Free Dial-ins (North America & International) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Premium Dial-in Numbers with Brand-Free Greetings
Premium International Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Premium Toll-Free (800) Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Monthly Premium Minutes 100 500 750
Premium Minute Overage Rate 10c/min 8c/min 6c/min
Audio Recording checkmark checkmark checkmark
Cue Transcripts checkmark checkmark checkmark
Meeting Lock checkmark checkmark checkmark
One-Time Access Codes checkmark checkmark checkmark
Monthly Fees FREE $9.99 $24.99 $34.99

Note: It is not required that all participants use the toll long-distance number, or all use the toll-free dial-in number – you can “mix and match” as much as you’d like.