At the end of a meeting, have you ever thought, “Wow, it was an awesome meeting with so many amazing ideas”, but only to have your ideas fade away a week later when you want to revisit them? Let’s face it, there are so many distractions in a day that people fade in and out during meetings, particularly meetings that are over an hour long.

There can be times where nothing seems to stick in your mind even if you are paying full attention. While making notes might help, not all of us are expert note-takers; when the meeting topics are too complex or there are is too much technical jargon involved, it can be hard to jot things down or make organized notes that are easy to understand. But rest assured, has got you covered with our Conference Call Recording feature.

Recording Your Calls Can Help in Many Situations


Feel like you’re zoning out of your meeting? Just record it, and play it back whenever you want!

Of course, there are occasions at which having your meeting recorded can be helpful for your participants.


For churches hosting prayer lines, bible studies, or sermons on, you can record and share your meetings for those who are unable to attend. The recordings can also be shared on your website or social media feeds so you can spread the Word of God to a wider audience.

For teachers, staff trainers and life coaches, links to the recordings can be emailed to your students and employees who missed a session, or even those who want to refer back to them to add more to their notes.

For companies and organizations who require an exact transcription of their meetings, they can make use of the recordings for writing accurate reports or publishing meeting minutes.


Record Your Meetings Easily

Our Recording Feature is available in all of our paid bundles, and can also be subscribed to as a stand-alone service for a small monthly rate.

Using the recording feature is simply and easy. For those on an internet video conference, simply hit the recording button on the top right of your screen and it will flash red to indicate the conference is being recorded. If you are hosting a meeting on the phone, make sure you are signed in as a moderator and hit *9 to start or pause a recording. If you are ever paranoid about forgetting to hit the recording button, you can set up the process automatically while you are scheduling your conference.

There is no limit to the amount of recordings you can make and they are safely stored on your account. They can be found on your post-call summaries where they can be downloaded as a MP3 file for archival or for editing purposes, and even shared as a URL or as a dial-in number/access code.

Add our Conference Call Recording on your account to make the most of your meeting today!

Managing your recordings is easy!

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