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Why Free Conference Calls are a Great Service for Non-Profits

Nonprofit companies offer an amazing service: Rather than focus on acquiring surplus revenue, they seek only to advance their mission, often to the benefit of the public interest. In a profit-hungry world, they buck the traditional business model and create their own markers for success.

If you’ve ever worked for a nonprofit, you’ve likely seen for yourself that funds are not always easy to come by; a lean team is more important than ever. Thankfully several businesses offer incentives to nonprofit organizations in the form of discounts or other special offers. Of course, nothing beats FREE when it comes being cost-conscious, which is why Free Conference Calls are a fantastic option for nonprofits! Spend about a minute opening an account with for a dedicated dial-in you can start using right away. Need multiple users? Create as many free accounts as you need and you can overlap meetings without restriction.

But what does a free account offer? How can Free Conference Calls help YOUR nonprofit?

  • Team pow-wows
  • Board meetings
  • Event planning
  • Fund-raising sessions
  • Donor solicitations

Take a moment to explore the ways that free conference calling can benefit your nonprofit organization. After all, every bit helps when you’re trying to change the world.

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