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Why Do Companies Use Video Interviews?

coaching-video-callGlobalization is a process driven by international trade between numerous nations and cultures, and the cultural exchange that occurs in this process has had a significant impact on the last few decades of commerce and politics. For example, imagine playing The Beatles’ Abbey Road on your smartphone—you are playing music from 1960s England on a modern device engineered in the United States and manufactured in China! A more mobile professional workforce makes this possible, and part of this mobility comes from globalization, whether we like it or not.

What does this have to say about the way companies hire in the 21st century? Think about the sheer size of the talent pool that can be reached from video interviews, as opposed to companies sticking to their own country or locale. Bringing in talent from around the world offers more interesting ideas, processes, and experiences to companies, making for a more diverse and engaging workplace.

Many companies hire from all over the world through video calling services because they allow for a more natural interviewing experience than simply by email or phone call.

Career mobility with video interviews

With the reach of some companies spanning continents and countries, young professionals are growing more and more accustomed to moving around for work, either in their own country or to live and work in others. For younger professionals especially—who do not yet own homes or have started families—mobility is an important factor to a rewarding career, at least for the time being.

Many companies realize this, and have made interviews through video calling the standard for long-distance communications. Interviews in this medium do not only allow the employer to see what the interviewee looks like, but gives a better feel for what kind of person they are. And personality certainly compliments skills and experience—first impressions are everything, and interviewees must be as professional over the Internet as they would be in person.

The freedom to move

lady on video callCan you imagine traversing the world in a world before airplanes? With long stretches on slow boats and trains, it was simply not as easy to travel for work 100 years ago as it is now. That, coupled with more collaboration between nations and international corporations, has allowed for a workforce more mobile than ever before.

Preparing for the big move for a job starts with a successful interview through video calling. Since video interviews are so similar to actually being in person, they offer employers a good medium to gauge the interviewee’s character and qualifications. No sense in moving halfway across the world or your country for a job you may or may not have! Always be prepared.

A more diverse pool of applicants

As the world grows closer together, through commerce and communication, countries and companies diversify their staffing, ideas, and operating locations. People of different religions, ethnic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, and cultural experiences offer a more diverse workplace and a larger pool of ideas. People from all walks of life travel around for work, and in doing that, contribute significantly to other cultures and countries. New friends are made, new families are started, and a more fulfilling cultural exchange is accomplished.

With, interviewing by video calling has never been easier. Our easy-to-use service offers crystal-clear communications and a handful of useful features to help your productivity.

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