To most people, screen sharing doesn’t seem as important as some other conference calling features, like video calling or recording your meeting. After all, why show someone your screen when they are looking at a screen as well? The truth is, screen sharing has a wide degree of applications. Keep reading to find out about a few of them.


Anyone that owns a computer knows that although they are sophisticated machines, a lot of things can go wrong with them. It can be hard to tell someone exactly what is going wrong with your computer, especially if you aren’t very familiar with how to fix technical problems. But why tell someone about your problem when you can show them? With screen sharing, you can easily show someone exactly what is going wrong with your computer, so you can get exactly the kind of help that you need.

Eliminating Hand-outs

It is no secret that having to print out several copies of a handout and distribute them before or during a meeting can be a pain. Another drawback is that people have to split their attention between looking up at you or the screen, and looking down at their paper. With screen sharing, Everyone in a conference call can go through the same document together, line by line. There are no distractions, and everyone moves at the same pace.


With the advent of free and easy-to-use video calling, many people have begun looking to the internet to find teachers for just about anything. Picking up a new instrument or learning a new language is now easier than ever, because teachers from all over the world are just one video call away. But what about when video calling is not enough? Imagine having your student write a lesson on a piece of paper, then have to hold it up in front of the webcam for you. How annoying! Screen sharing would allow students and teachers to interact over a lesson or practice exercise seamlessly.


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