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Ways You Never Thought You Could Use Screen Sharing

When conferencing is mentioned, screen sharing usually takes a back seat to other features like phone audio and video calling. What those people don’t realize is that screen sharing can add a lot to your meetings and has a wide degree of application. Let us demonstrate a few of them.


TroubleshootingThis is the first application I think of associating with screen sharing. Anyone that owns a computer knows that unfamiliar technology can be risky. It can be difficult and confusing to explain why their software is failing, especially if you are not tech savvy. Here’s where screen sharing steps in, after all, why tell someone about your problem when you can show them? You can easily show someone exactly where the technical issues can be fixed with screen sharing. Computer-related issues can be fixed much more efficiently with visual aids.

Sharing your documents

Not only are you sharing your documents in real time, your callers can follow along no matter what type of document it is. It also eliminates the hassle of printing and distributing handouts. With screen sharing, attendees don’t have to split their attention between looking up at you and looking down at their papers. Not only are there no distractions, everyone would move at the same pace.


Trouble in ClassWith the development of technology, online classes have become more prevalent than ever. But is video calling is not enough? Sometimes educational topics can be too complex to learn through the ear, and screen sharing could be the bridge for that gap. There’s also a hassle for having your student write a lesson on a piece of paper, then have to hold it up in front of the webcam for you. Screen sharing would allow students and teachers to interact over a lesson or practice exercise seamlessly.


ScreensSimilar to education, screen sharing can be vital to demos. Demos can be used for sales, education, non-profits, and sharing can drastically increase the effectiveness of that demo. Imagine trying to sell a software on a sales demo without and visuals of what the software does. Or mentioned before, how to fix a technical issue for your boss without showing him how to do so. Not only can screen sharing repair your presentation gaps, it should be used more in daily communications.

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