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Ways to Thank Your Clients Across the Globe this Holiday Season

The Holidays are the perfect time to thank your clients for their business

line of pumpkins around a bed of flowers representing the holiday seasonClients. Anyone who runs a business knows clients can be difficult at times, yet, without them, we all know there would be no business to run. Whether you meet in person weekly or only speak twice a year with free international conference calling, it is especially important during the holiday season that you let your valued clients know just how much their business means to you. As a company that thrives thanks to its user base across North America and around the world, understands that successful business relationships are built on communication and appreciation. So, without further adieu, here are our top 5 ways to show your local and international clients they’re appreciated this holiday season:

1. Local Specialties

If you’re looking for something special to give to a business client in another part of the world, you can’t go wrong with sending them a product unique to where you’re from. Whether it’s sweets, liqueur, or any other specialty item associated with where you’re from, the gift will surely be appreciated—especially if it is an item not easily found in their home country. After a while, your clients may even come to relish these items and look forward to receiving these as a gift around the holidays.

2. Client Spotlights

Whether it’s a on your company website, a blog post, or on social media, it’s always a nice gesture to give a public shout out to a few of your biggest clients every now and then through customer spotlights. Mentioning customers online, especially on social media, is a nice way to draw attention to your business partnerships and help your clients gain exposure to a new audience.

3. Discounted Goods

One way to show your customers you appreciate their business is to throw in a freebie on their next order or give a generous discount off of one of their regular purchases around the holiday season. It is a generous gesture that will be most welcomed—and appreciated.

sample holiday season card

4. Custom Holiday Cards

Everyone likes getting holiday cards in the mail. Sending personalized, custom greeting cards to your business clients is the perfect way to show that you are thinking of them over the holiday season. Including in your cards a handwritten (or typed) message tailored towards each client is sure to make you and your business stand out in your clients’ minds and express how much you appreciate having them as customers.

5. Customer Referrals

Successful business relationships are a two-street: just as you depend on a loyal customer base to grow your business, they depend on you for theirs. As such, holiday or not, any opportunity to help your clients out by sending new business their way is the ultimate way to return the favor. Nothing says “thank you for your business” to a loyal client like referring potential customers to them. Meeting Checklist Banner

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